Letter Openers

Omation Mini Mill

The Omation Mini Mill makes letter opening easier and much more efficient. This user-friendly machine opens envelopes quickly while protecting their contents. It even produces a soft feathered edge to protect against paper cuts. Small enough for the front desk and powerful enough for the back office, the Omation Mini Mill is an affordable choice for smaller office and mail opening environments.

Omation 306

For more than thirty years, OMATION products have been a staple in mailrooms across the globe. The Model 306 provides significant technological improvements over its OMATION predecessors, which have been the world’s best selling envelope opening devices for more than a decade.

The Omation Model 306, with its ability to operate at a rated speed of up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, contains OPEX’s latest mail opening technology and sets a new standard for high volume mail processing.

Omation 2112

The Omation 2112 Envelopener offers proven technology for mid-sized mail-opening jobs. This compact unit provides mailroom automation for mid-volumes of incoming mail, and it is equipped with the same milling cutter technology as the higher speed Omation 306 Envelopener. With thousands of Omation envelopeners installed throughout businesses and governmental agencies, the 2112 delivers an economical solution for automated envelope extraction.