Solvent Black 45si Print Cartridge

It‘s time to start printing at the highest level, Solvent Black ink offers extreme long decap time and fast drying time that best suit your daily printing needs. Moreover, Solvent Black delivers extremely black and high-resolution prints on a wide variety of demanding substrates such as coatings, plastics, and metal. In combination with HP’s improved HP 45si print cartridge, Solvent Black allows you to print faster
than ever before.


Ink Description
LC is an alcohol-based UV curing pigmented ink that has been specially developed for printing onto non-porous media utilizing HP® Thermal Inkjet technology

Maintenance and Handling
The decap time of LC amounts to approximately 30 seconds. Cartridges that remain uncapped for longer than 30 seconds may be recovered by purging or printing a solid block. To clean a cartridge, place it with the nozzle plate facing down on a lint-free, non-tearable Texwipe®. Lightly draw the nozzle face across the wipe until ink from both nozzle rows appears in the form of two stripes. In case of persistent clogging, carefully wipe the nozzle face with a LC ink-soaked Texwipe®, wiping in a circular motion.